The Perfect Swarm

Our world needs limitless creativity. We as human beings are constantly searching for experiences that inspire us. To connect to communities that understand how important we are. Without being trapped, harassed, or bombarded by useless advertising.

This means building technology that will make us something more... something better. Technology that will reshape the limits of the human condition.

Live Paradigm Surfing

With EMRIS, You Can Monitor Crowd Activities in Real Time


What is Crowd-2-Crowd?

It is as simple as it sounds. Groups connecting with groups. We fuel the collective, by inspiring individuals to come together. With EMRIS, features can be assembled and connected in any way you choose. Your projects can be freely shared, accessed and built by people all over the world.

What you build is only limited by your imagination.


Our Culture

EMRIS is about people. All people and all voices. Ideas are our greatest currency, and are the foundations for change and growth.
Advertising changes the goal of a company from people to propaganda. At EMRIS we the keep the lights on without sending great things off to die. It is not enough to not be evil. One needs to be good with teeth.

We are proudly striving to become the anti-monopoly media. An eternal Wild West of big ideas, amazing content and powerful voices.

It is time we reclaimed the web. Empower US by Harnessing WE.


People use EMRIS because it is what media is supposed to feel like. Catch up on memes, videos, politics and news.


Professionals use EMRIS to stay on the cutting edge of their field. It keeps them up to date and in the game.


Groups use EMRIS for everything, including Intranet, Recruiting, Project Management, Staff Communication and more.

Immortality for Organizations

Emris lets your organization dream. Large organizations settle into fixed ways of looking at the world, and they don't always innovate which can hurt a business. With Emris you can experiment with new ideas and explore new potential.

It clears the path of communication between companies, groups or wider networks, as well as internally within a team. This opens the door for people to innovate quickly and effectively. Making costly reengineering obsolete.


Vancouver, BC
Montreal, QC